Dynamo inverter system

For industrial applications, Defion 6kVA an AC generator system developed with a continuous output of 6kVA. By placing a second small dynamo in the engine and a small inverter there 6kVA to 230VAC is available in the vehicle. Depending on the speed of the alternator is 6kVA available at increased idle speed, and 2.5-3kVA at idle. In contrast to current systems that are available in the market, this system at a low speed can 230VAC (pure sine wave form) produce over the full power range. Competing systems allow the voltage collapse to 180VAC.


This inverter is composed of a high performance DC / DC converter which makes use of the latest developments in MOSFET technology and inductor. Partly because of this large voltages can be efficiently converted into a small form factor. The output stage consists of a fully digitally controlled sine wave inverter for maximum performance and low distortion of pure sine wave.

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