Product development

Defion not only develops electronic modules but can optionally also develop into a complete product. In this way the customer saves a lot of time in the development process. We design and deliver housing where various techniques can be used such as plastics and metals (spray) castings, sheet metal, milling, silkscreens apply, decals and integrated controls, (powder) coating, etc. We can also provide a complete documentation package mechanical (2D / 3D) drawings, specifications, certificates, data sheets, (production) test plans. Everything you need to produce your product and to bring it to market in Europe.

Development process

First we deal with the customer table to define the desired and achievable specifications. a first draft will be made after a prototype is built. After one or more blows iteration establishes the final draft and final specifications; we will support always up to you to make still necessary amendments to the specifications provided by the design. If required we can deliver the finished design production and also provide full certification for you.

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