Product safety & certification

To be able to sell your product in Europe or the United States, the product must meet a stringent set of standards. We consult with the customer where the product will be sold, so we can assess what regulations the product must meet. These regulations primarily describes product safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

Product safety

For each product is that there should not create dangerous situations for the user while using the product. For example, a user may be exposed to high voltages and there may arise a fire. By means of the analysis of the materials used, the construction of the mechanics, and by performing single-fault test, the product is qualified.


Each product has to comply with the EMC standards that are applicable. If your product qualifies you are sure that the product is not affected produces radiation from the outside and that the product itself is not too much radiation. Defion has access to a so-called. Pre-compliance measurement setup that can or does the product already checked during development. Once the product is ready for production let the tests run by an accredited test house so that you have an independent inspection report. We work with several test houses so that a cost-effective certification process can be performed for each situation and each product.


Defion has experience with the following certification processes: CE (Europe), E-marking (automotive), UL (USA), CSA (Canada) and UN38.3 (transport Lithium Ion).

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