Battery systems

For optimum performance, the battery should always be sized specifically for each system. Defion has years of experience with various types of batteries ranging from 2V, AGM, GEL, open lead to Li-ion iron phosphate batteries. Each type of battery has its advantages and disadvantages, with the right battery for your application is selected on the basis of the discharge, storage and discharge cycles, temperature, mass, size and price. In order to obtain the maximum battery life, there are limits on how far and how fast discharge and can be recharged. We can advise each battery type where these limits lie. Together with the specification of the design or existing system, the battery can be chosen which gives the best performance. Obviously this is a combination of price and performance.

A battery is as good as the charger

A battery can not simply be loaded with any type of battery charger, there are differences between 1.3 and 5-stage chargers. It will also depend on the type of battery and the ambient temperature, the charging voltage must be adapted. We can always select or define the correct charger and battery combination with the appropriate capacity and charging current for you.

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